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HealthMatics® ED serves the entire enterprise by enabling faster patient turnaround, enhanced billing, decreased liability through improved documentation, as well as the ability to report on ED volumes and activities.

Fast and Easy – HealthMatics® ED Works!

  • Improve communication between clinicians
  • Standardize quality patient care
  • Generate a positive return on investment
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Improve chart management
  • Streamline order entry and results reporting
  • Reduce patient disposition time
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Improve documentation and increase reimbursement
  • Reduce transcription and dictation costs
  • Generate effective reports

"In the first year, financial benefits of more than $1.5 million were realized by eliminating transcription and forms, improving chart processing and accurately capturing charges. Financial gains through physician reimbursement were about $500,000 the first year due to decreased labor costs, decreased paper management costs, and improved billing accuracy by the physicians."

-Cindy Sheets, Senior VP and CIO, Mount Carmel Health System