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Canopy CM
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Canopy CM® facilitates a collaborative case management process to identify, assess, plan, and coordinate patient care programs for targeted high-risk populations across the continuum of care.

Using the screening functionality of Canopy CM, case managers first identify the high-risk patients who need care coordination services. The managers then use Canopy CM to perform an in-depth assessment of these patients. After completing the extensive assessment and establishing the list of problems, the case manager develops a plan of care and begins assigning individual parts of the plan to the appropriate healthcare providers. The case manager is also responsible for implementing, coordinating, monitoring, and modifying the care plan and setting up referrals to external care providers.

Offering a comprehensive set of features and benefits, Canopy CM facilitates the case management process.

  • Captures key clinical, financial, and demographic data on a dynamic, real-time basis and distributes this information to all members of the care team. This feature streamlines your patient care management workflow process and increases your productivity.
  • Identifies the high-cost, high-risk patients who will benefit from care management. These patients, who are at the greatest risk for negative clinical outcomes and who pose the greatest economic risk to the healthcare provider, can be placed into specific episode tracks for optimal care coordination.
  • Lists the various healthcare resources in the community. This enables the healthcare team to provide connections to the appropriate community resources and ensures that patients continue to receive optimal care.
  • Provides an online referral form. Patients can be easily referred for assessment and participation in coordinated care programs. Provides customizable initial and ongoing assessment forms that automatically update patient medical problems and care plans. You can tailor the forms to reflect your organization's interdisciplinary team approach for addressing the individual needs of specific patients.
  • Allows you to customize a patient care plan that specifies the goals, tasks, and interventions for a particular patient. You can more easily coordinate and communicate the services to be provided with both the patients and the healthcare team.
  • Places all outstanding tasks and alerts into one central location for easy access. This feature prompts you to complete key tasks or interventions in a timely manner. You can also easily create and assign new tasks to appropriate members of the care team.
  • Provides extensive reporting capabilities, allowing you to immediately access productivity and outcomes reports. Canopy CM provides a standard set of reports and charts and also works with you to create the customized reports for your organization.