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Canopy® was designed explicitly to run on the Internet using the ASP (Application Service Provider) model, which allows rapid implementation by eliminating expensive and complex software installation and maintenance.

We install and maintain a security hardened server at the hospital site that transfers ADT information to our Secure Internet Data Center that is managed by Mentora Group, Inc. and hosted by AT&T®. Our strategic partnership with Mentora Group, Inc. allows us to offer our clients a secure, resilient product that boasts best-of-class hosting, maximum uptime, and premium network services.

Canopy’s architecture is "servlet-centric," so the vast majority of processing occurs on the server, with simple HTML and JavaServer Pages™ (JSP™) scripts downloaded to the user's web browser. Partnering with AT&T to provide a secure, reliable technology platform means that we can offer our clients an application that is unrivaled in the healthcare industry.

We employ stringent physical and network security practices that guarantee the protection of sensitive patient information. Maximum uptime and information security are achieved through meticulous server management and contingency planning. All systems within the IDC are built around an N+1 redundancy strategy.