“EmSTAT is a very user friendly system that enables us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. We are able to capture turn around times for our interventions and treatments. We can then fine tune our process accordingly. Thereby, we improve both patient and staff satisfaction. We are able to meet the needs of all our ‘customers’ whether it be the patients, their families, physicians or another department or facility.”

–- Alicia Bolding, System Administrator, Anderson
Medical Center, Anderson, SC

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EmSTAT is the most widely used Emergency Department Information System among the top 1,000 hospitals in the country. With over 14 years, over 50 hospitals and millions of patients have given EmSTAT a depth of experience others cannot rival. EmSTAT ensures patients get the high quality care they expect, including shorter wait times, accurate clinical decisions, clear and concise instructions, discharge planning and continuity of care through to disposition.

EmSTAT guides emergency nurses and doctors in entering consistent, complete, and efficient documentation with features such as discharge roadblocks, chart controls, and navigation buttons.

EmSTAT not only makes it easy for administrators to maintain facility standards and measure performance but also assists with HIPAA compliance. Plus, by capturing all HCPCS and ICD-9 codes, EmSTAT documents the many aspects of patient care necessary for receiving appropriate reimbursement, especially with the use of APCs.

With EmSTAT, the pluses add up to a single, comprehensive Emergency Department Information system.

The "Total Solution" for ED automation includes:

  • Tracking and Patient flow management
  • Department operations management
  • Triage charting
  • Nurse charting
  • Physician charting
  • Comprehensive order processing
  • Automated reimbursement assistance
  • Automatic paging and faxing
  • Role-based security and access
  • Online prescription writing
  • Report writing
  • Ambulatory/PCP connectivity
  • Integration with Enterprise Clinical Data Repository (CDR)
  • Proven interfaces

HealthMatics ED HealthMatics ED interfaces with every system in the hospital to provide the ultimate in patient information management while decreasing costs and increasing revenue.

Canopy Giving you the freedom to focus on patient care management with bottom-line results.

EmSTAT moves information and opens doors to the future.

HealthMatics CDR Access patient specific clinical information from any entry point.



 Case Study PDF Document
EmSTAT's Reimbursement Module has helped Children's Mercy Hospital appropriately bill for patient care, maximize revenue and increase efficiency.

Client Showcase
EmStat has helped Cape Canaveral Hospital better track their patients, access data for quality improvement, and improve turnaround times and patient outcomes.