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Our advanced multi-tiered client/server architecture using UNIX, Oracle and industry standard client OS's, integrates easily with other hospital systems and provides tremendous flexibility in tailoring the system to meet the unique demands of each of our hospital customers. We also provide an integration tool for interfaces.

Standardized HL7 interfaces allow EmSTAT customers to communicate with the rest of the hospital. This includes integrating with the hospital's clinical and financial information systems.

The EmSTAT architecture began as a three-tier client-server with an Oracle® database. As operating system and database technology progressed, EmSTAT stayed current by upgrading to newer versions of Unix® and Oracle and moving the DOS client to the latest versions of industry standard client OS's.

Over 14 years, more than 50 hospitals, and millions of patients have given EmSTAT a depth of experience others can’t rival. Our clinical staff’s expertise, combined with the experience of our veteran development team, and feedback from our training/support staff enable EmSTAT to deliver extensive cutting-edge features. We look ahead, scouting emerging technologies and deliver software so we can help emergency departments provide high-quality care, meet the requirements of hospital regulatory agencies and achieve greater efficiencies.