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Training and Implementation

A4 Health Systems® plans the step-by-step integration of HealthMatics® ED into your current workflow; from the time the patient comes through the door until the time they leave. This upfront planning allows us to review every scenario of your current flow and incorporate it into the system.

Implementation Process

The HealthMatics ED staff has many years of experience implementing computer systems in medical facilities, and specifically in a variety of Emergency Departments. This experience is reflected in a well-defined and well-documented implementation process and in the small, dedicated team who will work with your staff to ensure a successful result.

The A4 approach to managing these projects is based on the following principle: although every implementation follows the same general process from beginning to end, each one requires a unique plan and timetable to succeed. A4 provides the planning, people, and project management experience to ensure this success.

Our standard implementation plan illustrates the major milestones and the duration, effort and sequence of all tasks for a typical installation from project kickoff to post go-live support. We review this standard plan with your facility and adapt it to reflect the scope of services requested, your staffing and resource availability and any other facility-specific considerations. In addition, you are given a guidebook that details the tasks necessary for both A4 and your facility to implement HealthMatics ED. For each standard task there are entry criteria and prerequisites listed, a detail task section, and then exit criteria and deliverables from that task. Reference materials also include checklists, such as a checklist of activities required before and during system go-live. This attention to detail helps all team members understand their specific responsibilities, the commitment required to execute them, and how their roles affect the overall project.

Training Process

A4 Health Systems provides extensive user training for your site using a combination of classroom training and real life scenarios for practice. Your key hospital personnel are trained and these individuals, in turn, train their peers. The ‘train the trainer' approach is used so that key individuals at your hospital become very familiar with HealthMatics ED and how it will be integrated with the Emergency Department’s workflow.

This method gives your staff a stronger sense of ownership in the system. Training is done on your customized system so users are comfortable with the look and feel when it is time to ‘go-live.’

A4 Health Systems conducts several different types of training during the course of the HealthMatics ED implementation. The training is designed to provide specific information to individuals responsible for that area of the application or its support. Each of our classes involves structured classroom time as well as scenario examples to provide additional practice.

Client Support

We know the importance of keeping your Emergency Department running smoothly at all times. A4 Health Systems’ Support Team consists of qualified technical and executive support that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Each client has an Account Manager who can help arrange training, upgrades, and other services, and who will follow up as a client advocate on any other questions or concerns. We pride ourselves in providing a personal and high level of service for each of our clients.

If you are a valued HealthMatics ED client, please visit our Client Site for more details about all of our support and service offerings and policies.