“The benefits of having both our practice management and EMR from the same company are tremendous. We are very impressed by the seamless flow of information between HealthMatics Ntierprise and HealthMatics EMR as well as the improvements made to our office workflow. From cost savings to improved cash flow to office efficiencies, our staff can see the incredible difference. HealthMatics Office dramatically changes how we practice.”

-- Julie Kochsmeier, Billing Manager, Kansas City Family Medical Care


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HealthMatics® Office combines the power of A4’s HealthMatics Ntierprise (PMS) and HealthMatics EMR to give you one full-circle, seamless patient information management solution from a single, proven source.

HealthMatics Office streamlines the workflow for your entire practice allowing your clinical side and your practice management side to work hand-in-hand for better communication and improved accuracy. From start to finish of a practice’s day, you can count on HealthMatics Office.

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HealthMatics Office Meet the new Office Know-It-All. Combine the power of HealthMatics Ntierprise (PMS) and HealthMatics EMR.

HealthMatics EMR Before you reach an ROI with an EMR, you'll need to find a company that knows how to get you there.

HealthMatics Ntierprise (PMS) Make your practice's wishes come true...

Complementary Services A wide array of services to streamline practice functions from data protection to transactions services.



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 Return On Investment
Use the ROI Calculator to estimate the average savings your practice can expect with an Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system.

Client Success
A4 clients are improving patient care and increasing practice revenues with HealthMatics Office. See how in the Client Showcase and Client Case Studies sections.

Dr. Jim Morrow of North Fulton Family Medicine leads you through a typical office visit at the practice and tells you firsthand what benefits the practice has experienced with HealthMatics Office.