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HealthMatics EDi
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Integrated into HealthMatics® Ntierprise PMS (Practice Management System), HealthMatics EDi is a combination of three powerful solutions - HealthMatics iBILL for streamlining the statement management process, HealthMatics iCLAIM for streamlining the claims management process and HealthMatics iREMIND for generating automated patient appointment reminders and confirmations.

HealthMatics iBILL is a statement management solution that puts practice management system data to use. It is easy to use, ensures fast, secure processing, brings information full-circle and is priced to compete.

  • Complete integration with HealthMatics Ntierprise, MediSense and HealthMatics PM Practice Management Systems
  • Flexible selection of data and formats to print on statement
  • Automatic edits to ensure balance integrity and proper addresses
  • One button file delivery and report retrieval using the latest 128-bit encryption
  • Rapid turnaround - next day mailing regardless of the time statements are received
  • High print quality reflects well on your practice’s professionalism
  • A detailed report for each statement run shows the results of address checks
  • Invalid addresses, corrected addresses and forwarded addresses are communicated for updating of practice records
  • Transaction-based billing is up to 10% less than what your current statement handling vendor is probably charging
  • Eliminates in-house printing, materials and staff time associated with statement handling costs

HealthMatics iCLAIM works as an extension of HealthMatics® Ntierprise, MediSense, and HealthMatics PM Practice Management Systems to aid with electronic claims submissions for government and commercial payors. HealthMatics iCLAIM is easy to use, ensures fast and efficient processing, protects your HealthMatics Ntierprise, MediSense or HealthMatics PM claims data and provides a complete avenue for your electronic claims submissions.

  • Simplifies compliance with challenging HIPAA regulations
  • Enrollment process and ongoing support are provided by experienced A4 personnel
  • iCLAIM’s integration with HealthMatics Ntierprise, MediSense and HealthMatics PM ensures consistent flow of claims and eliminates reliance on a third party clearinghouse
  • Single ‘desktop icon’ helps you send claims
  • Desktop icon allows easy retrieval of HealthMatics iCLAIM reports back into HealthMatics Ntierprise, MediSense and HealthMatics PM
  • Data is passed through a secure encrypted network
  • Data is backed-up and stored at two separate A4 controlled site
HealthMatics iRemind

A4 Health Systems' HealthMaticsĀ® EDi Services introduce HealthMatics iRemind automated patient appointment reminders and confirmations for HealthMatics Ntierprise clients. The solution delivers a natural sounding phone message in the evenings (when patients are home) and generates daily, concise printable reports of the prior day's call results.


  • With a minimal set-up fee and low per-completed-call charge, iRemind easily pays for itself by eliminating 'no shows'

Easy to Use

  • Whether it's setting up appointment reminders or retrieving and viewing reports, iRemind is simple to use

Patient Friendly

  • Places calls in the evening when patients are normally home
  • Delivers a natural sounding message
  • Provides a touch-tone system for multiple patient responses

Flexible & Reliable

  • Recognizes virtually all answering machines to ensure message delivery
  • Accommodates unlimited calls
  • Supported by A4's EDi processing center for efficient and dependable service


  • Fewer missed appointments
  • Reduce front-office workload
  • Increase practice revenues
  • Enhance patient relations
  • Quick return on investment