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Behind the easy and familiar interface of HealthMatics® Ntierprise (PMS) is a powerful and sophisticated application based on the most advanced architecture, operating system and SQL® databases available.

N-tier architecture, the basis for HealthMatics Ntierprise, provides many advantages over traditional two-tier client server architecture. N-tier means greater performance, scalability, and reduced connectivity costs.

Large processing tasks such as major print jobs, statement preparation, and claims processing can be distributed throughout the network to maximize the use of powerful workstations or idle servers while minimizing network traffic. Our unique approach to true distributed processing makes the whole network run faster and more efficiently.

Our ‘super-granular’ approach to system architecture will produce significant advantages for your organization. Simply put, the entire system is built from small, efficient components ideal for use in a distributed environment. Small components are faster, require less time to develop and test and can be used throughout the application in endless combinations. Complementary software applications like HealthMatics EMR (Electronic Medical Record), coding compliance applications, email and even Microsoft® Word and Excel can easily access patient and financial information in HealthMatics Ntierprise.