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A4 Health Systems promotes systems integration with established interfaces, industry-standard platforms, open architecture and HL7 compliance.

  • Interoperability with Microsoft Windows® 2000/2003 server, XP, Oracle®, web-enabled options and handheld wireless devices
  • Scanning and faxing modules create patient chart attachments and send items directly from chart
  • Microsoft® Outlook integration
  • Microsoft® Word and Microsoft® Excel integration
  • Bi-directional reference lab interfaces
  • Comprehensive clinical knowledge base including third-party licenses – ICD-9, CPT, HCPS, Medi-Span, SNOMED® and Life Art®

HealthMatics Office set-up involves an assortment of hardware devices to run a stable Windows environment. A4 works to ensure accuracy of system, security and network component purchases and integration.

  • A4 represents major vendors including Dell®, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard® and Cisco Systems®
  • 80%+ of new A4 clients decide on a wireless system set-up
  • A4 representatives can manage hardware purchases that complement your set-up

HealthMatics Office is HIPAA-compliant:

  • Access control – unique user IDs, emergency access, automatic log off
  • Audit control – records all chart accesses and updates
  • Transmission security – support encrypted data transfer
  • Integrity – all data is recoverable
  • Person or entity authentication – chart and prescription sign-off requires additional user authentication

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