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Product Demos
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Below are links to available product demos. Please click on the link to the online demo you want to view.

HealthMatics Office
A full-circle, seamless patient information management system that combines the power of HealthMatics EMR (Electronic Medical Record) and HealthMatics Ntierprise Practice Management System (PMS).

HealthMatics EMR
An Electronic Medical Record solution that simplifies patient chart management and enables practice-wide clinical workflow automation.

HealthMatics Ntierprise (PMS)
A pro-active Practice Management System that streamlines claims management, improves billing and collections, provides multiple resource scheduling and offers instant reporting with drill down capability.

HealthMatics ED
A comprehensive Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) that enables faster patient turnaround, enhanced billing, decreased liability through improved documentation and reporting on ED volumes and activities.

A complete Emergency Department Information System (EDIS) that helps ensure quality care, full reimbursement and greater department efficiency.

HealthMatics CDR
Provides your clinicians with a single web-based portal for accessing patient-specific clinical information that has been captured by disparate systems within your care delivery network.