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Hekman Report

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) technology provides physicians with both financial and clinical benefits. Since EMRs have been utilized by physicians for some time now, hard evidence is emerging to support their financial case. This study explores the financial statistics of five medical practices; overall, the practices saw an average 73% return on investment by the end of the first calendar year after implementing HealthMatics EMR.

Additional Resources:

PDF Document Return on Investment for EMR- Retrospective Analysis of Five Practices, by Ken Hekman, Hekman Group
The Hekman Group

Contact Ken Hekman at The Hekman Group or Jennifer Lewis at A4 Health Systems for more information for more information

Coker Report

Coker Consulting, L.L.C. conducted an analysis on A4 Health Systems’ HealthMatics EMR to determine how its services, solutions, and technology add value and benefit to medical practices. Coker is an independent consultant and research analyst group, providing current and potential clients with an impartial analysis of EMRs' performance in actual use. The Practice selected for this evaluation is Georgia Pediatric Pulmonology Associates, P.C. (GPPA), Atlanta, GA.

Additional Resources:

The Coker Group Technology Report
The Coker Group Website

Contact Jill Costello at The Coker Group or Jennifer Lewis at A4 Health Systems for more information.

TAG Report

The third-party report by The Allison Group outlines eight guidelines for successful EMR and practice management system selection as well as research on A4's unique positioning in the market.

TAG Report - Selecting a Combined Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management Product