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The A4 Health Systems team has been implementing healthcare IT solutions since 1970. Over the years, each experience has allowed A4 to refine the implementation process to include necessary tasks, prioritized to encourage the most efficient system installation.

The A4 Health Systems approach to project management is based on the following principle: although every implementation follows the same general process from beginning to end, each one requires a unique timetable and plan to succeed. A4 provides the planning, people and project management experience necessary to ensure this success.

As part as our standard service, we provide project management, implementation planning, installation, testing, comprehensive training, go-live assistance and post go-live support. Every implementation plan is reviewed with the client and the client is given details about tasks, prerequisites, exit criteria and deliverables necessary for both A4 and the client to implement that product. Our staff’s experience allows us to recommend workflow options that optimize the success of the project. This attention to detail helps all team members become more aware of their time commitments to the project and how their work impacts the efforts of others.